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    The Association The International Sports Kung Fu Federation ( ISKF) is , a world-wide active association for the promotion of traditional and Morden Kung fu sports.

    Our Philosophy Our Member organization has increase day to day and it’s due to our friendship relation with world famous martial artist, Legends kung fu Master, Kung fu lovers, sporting stars, celebrities and grandmasters.The ISKF promotes itself as an international friendly association for kung fu sports and represents traditional and Morden kung fu as an open-style strong with large international kung fu community.

    The Goal The goal of the ISKF is it to promote a worldwide brotherhood of Kung fumartial artists regardless of style/system in the true spirit of the combat arts.

    Our Foundation and Present Status The ISKF was established in the Mumbai - India in 1989 and get officially registered in company act in 2015 by the Grandmaster Mr.B.K.Yadav 9th Duan.

    What We Do and What We Offer The ISKF distinguishes itself through its many services that are not on offer with many other associations. Every year apart from a multiplicity of training courses, seminars, tournaments, championships, honours, examinations, Galas, advanced training, re-education classifications, training camps, etc.

    ISKF shall promote the following activities To attain the objects of Rules and Regulations, ISKF shall promote the following activities.

World Kungfu Championship

Bodhidharma Memorial Prize Money world Kung Fu Championship

Various international competitions

Research for the propagation and development of kungfu techniques

Publication of necessary kungfu related materials

India's Reputeded University recognized Diploma and Certificate course