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ISKFF Software for Kung Fu Tournament

ISKFF helps you set up and run tournaments of your Kung Fu ISKFF

It's entirely online, so there's nothing to install, download, or import.
Registration • Payments • Draws • Results • Certificate

"I have been using ISKFF for just last few months, but it is a excellent software. I used this software to keep order in the order of tournaments. It is the best tool I was used after giving up pens and papers to keep the tournament in order."

"This is excellent thought out tool. And very well thought. Easy to use. really takes the strain out of organizing and running an event. Recommend software."

Online Registration and Payments

ISKFF help you save time. ISKFF students registered through an easy and professional online form.

Competitor also can, optionally, collect payments at registration.

There is extensive set of defaults, so you want need to define every weight class by hand. You are just get in touch, if your set of divisions is not available

ISKFF make rank, weight, height, gender, age, any other variable you might you want divisions by. They are registered to previous tournaments, ISKFF already remember. So competitor never need to import again

Competitor can create discount based on time of registration. Also send discount codes for individual students.

ISKFF also help your offline transactions. Keeping tabs on who has paid in cash or by bank transfer ISKFF also helps.